Friday, March 9, 2012

Finished with pics!

Okay, this isn't actually icy speaking, it's wolf. i got EVERYONE'S pic up and worked on a few things, so it's all good now.


Im gonna see if icy'll let me into her blogger account so i can edit/update this place a little bit- ahem- a lot. so yeah. because  she hasn't been on for a long time... plus she made me co author, so i can help out with this blog.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Rules: 1. absolutly no cussing 2. Dont use God's name in vain 3. No uhh detailed mating or birth 4. no threats 5. no spamming

Wow, this blog stuff is hard work lol, well i just thought id post somethin else cause the homepage looks kinda bare with only one post XD so which is your fave herd??? me.... i think either Wild SPirits or Flitting Shadows (i love deer). i wasnt expecting this place to be so active at first but im glad so many ppl get on :) i wasnt sure if people would go for the whole 'herbivore thing'  lol. well im still learnin how to work the blogs so i might try to put up a poll or a picture box soon..... idk well bye!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My new site (my first blog)

Hi! this is Icy, and this is he first blog ive made, so just bear with me if i mess up -_-. this is were we can just rp or talk or w.e.  i wanted to make somethin sorta original so i decied to make one about herbivores, but onley horses and deer (thers differant herds for the two species) so.... enjoy!